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Board Functions, Powers, and Duties

The Collier County Board of County Commissioners created the Pelican Bay Municipal Services Taxing and Benefit Unit, and the Pelican Bay Services Division Board to advise the Commissioners on important issues that pertain to Pelican Bay residents by enacting Ordinances 2002-27, 2006-05, 2009-05, 2013-19, 2013-61 and 2018-12 as amended.

"The Unit is formed for the purpose of providing street lighting, water management, beach renourishment, ambient noise management, extraordinary law enforcement service and beautification, including but not limited to beautification of recreation facilities, sidewalk, street and median areas, identification markers, the maintenance of conservation or preserve areas including the restoration of the mangrove forest preserve and to finance the landscaping beautification of only that portion of U.S. 41 from Pine Ridge Road to Vanderbilt Beach Road in the above- described taxing and benefit unit and to that end shall possess all the powers to do all things reasonably necessary to provide such services. The Unit will be solely responsible for advising the County on dredging and maintaining Clam Pass for the purpose of enhancing the health of the affected mangrove forest, and will manage such activities for the County." (Section Four, Ordinance 2013-61, p. 1).

The Pelican Bay Services Division ("PBSD") Board meets regularly on the first Wednesday of each month at 1 PM at the Community Center at Pelican Bay located at 8960 Hammock Oak Drive, Naples, Fl, 34108.

Current Members

Scott Streckenbein, Chairman* | Resident | 609-743-0987 | sstreckenbein@yahoo.com | Term expires 3/31/2021

Tom Cravens, Vice Chairman* | Resident | 239-594-8256 | nfn16799@naples.net | Term expires 3/31/2021

Joe Chicurel | Resident | 239-231-2024 | jchicurel@gmail.com | Term expires 3/31/2021

Jacob Damouni | Commercial/Business | 239-594-6003 | jdamouni@naplesgrande.com | Term expires 3/31/2021

Ken Dawson | Resident | 732-991-0086| napleskendawson@aol.com | Term expires 3/31/2021

Nick Fabregas | Commercial/Business | 239-598-1605 | nfabregas@watersideshops.com | Term expires 3/31/2022

Peter Griffith | Resident | 239-596-0514 | PeterCGriffith18@gmail.com | Term expires 3/31/2019

Bohdan Hirniak | Resident | 480-235-4510 | bphirniak@aol.com | Term expires 3/31/2019

Susan O'Brien | Resident | 239-592-5329 | naplessusan@rcn.com | Term expires 3/31/2022

Mike Shepherd | Resident | 239-269-7738 | mikeshepherdpa@gmail.com | Term expires 3/31/2019

Rick Swider | Resident | 239-591-6784 | rfs@rfs-inc.com | Term expires 3/31/2022

*Chairman and Vice Chairman elected 4/4/2018 for one-year terms




Beach Renourishment Committee Plans future Pelican Bay beach renourishment activities
Jacob Damouni, Bohdan Hirniak, and Susan O'Brien

Budget Committee Monitors expenditures, develops with staff, the annual assessment, and operating & capital budget
Mike Shepherd (Chairman), Joe Chicurel, Ken Dawson, Nick Fabregas, and Rick Swider

Clam Bay Committee Monitors conditions in the Clam Bay Natural Resource Protection Area
Susan O'Brien (Chairman), Bohdan Hirniak, and Rick Swider

Landscape & Safety Committee Addresses landscaping and safety conditions in Pelican Bay
Joe Chicurel (Chairman), Tom Cravens, Nick Fabregas, Pete Griffith, and Mike Shepherd

Water Management Committee Addresses surface water management and water quality conditions in Pelican Bay
Tom Cravens (Chairman), Jacob Damouni, and Mike Shepherd



Neil Dorrill | Administrator | 239-592-9115 | neil@dmgfl.com

Marion Bolick | Operations Manager | 239-450-4920 | MarionBolick@colliergov.net

Mary McCaughtry | Operations Analyst | 239-597-1749 | MaryMcCaughtry@colliergov.net

Lisa Jacob | Associate Project Manager | 239-597-1749 | LisaJacob@colliergov.net

Barbara Shea | Administrative Assistant | 239-597-1749 | BarbaraShea@colliergov.net





















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